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One Happy Island

D I S C O V E R   A R U B A

Aruba  is a small island about 15 miles of the North Coast of Venezuela and is part of the Dutch kingdom. In Aruba they speak 4 languages: Papiamento (the local language), Dutch (the native language), English and Spanish. Aruba's culture has many influences from other countries. The Arubans see this blend as being one of the unique things of the Aruban culture. Old traditions are mixed with modern influences, but the Arubans have their own way of making the Aruban culture their own. Come experience the One Happy Island for yourself. Bon bini na Aruba!


Kudawecha is a residential area just a few minutes north from the famous Palm Beach.  The beaches in Aruba are known for their calm waters and long sandy strip lined with bars and restaurants. To its south, lush Bubali Bird Sanctuary has an observation tower and is home to herons and other migratory birds. Nearby are the Old Dutch Windmill, imported in the 1960s, and the Butterfly Farm, with free-flying butterflies in a jungle enclosure.

Wish you were here?

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