Health Requirements

How we plan on keeping you safe


Your room will be cleaned and sanitized in anticipation of your arrival. We are sure you will find everything to your liking as we are taking every measure to keep our guests safe. 


It is our goal for you to be 100% safe and assured to come and stay at The Palm Leaf.


We are proud to carry the Health & Happiness seal provided by the Aruban government. This means The Palm Leaf is taking the necessary measures to ensure the health of our guests. 


Enhanced cleaning protocol


We are taking various measures to provide a safe and clean environment for our guests. We have enhanced our cleaning protocol to include additional sanitation and cleaning routines. This enhanced cleaning protocol increases the cleaning and sanitation of all guest rooms and high-touch areas that affect guests and employees.


Other than our regular thorough cleaning standards, our staff is being instructed to be extra diligent in sanitizing guest rooms, including but not limited to: flat services and floors, remote controls, door knobs and door handles, window handles, light switches, keys, tables, microwave, refrigerator, toilet, faucets and sinks and air conditioners.


After every check out all sheets, duvets, pillow protectors, mattrass protectors and towels will be hot washed and machine (hot air) dried to kill any pathogens and the room will be aired out for 2 hours. The filters of the air conditioners will be cleaned regularly and thoroughly.


What you need to travel to Aruba


To maintain the safety and well-being of visitors and locals, new requirements are in place for visitors to be permitted to enter Aruba. There are also government mandated procedures for visitors, while staying in Aruba. While full procedural details will be updated on a regular basis, the following are some of the most important.


All visitors will be required to complete the online Embarkation/Disembarkation card process, and be approved, in order to be permitted entry to Aruba.

The new ED card process will be available online as of June 25th, 2020 and the requirements of the ED card will include:

  • The completion of the standard Embarkation/Disembarkation form details

  • A self-health declaration 72 hours prior to travel to Aruba. Visitors will receive an email reminder to complete the self-health declaration 72 hours prior to travel.

  • Acquiring mandatory Aruba COVID health insurance coverage

  • An optional upload of documentation indicating a negative PCR test results 72 hours prior to travel to Aruba

  • Important to note: The government of Aruba strongly encourages visitors to show documentation indicating a negative PCR test results prior to travel to Aruba.

  • If PCR test is not done prior to travel, traveller will have to pre-pay for a test that will be administered upon arrival at the Aruba Airport.

  • Upon successful completion of the ED card process, travellers will receive an email confirmation of approval for travel, that must be shown either digitally or in printed form, at check in. 

  • Acknowledge and consent that upon arrival and during their stay in Aruba visitors shall cooperate with any type of COVID-19 health screening and testing as indicated by the public health authorities of Aruba, including isolation and/or quarantine.

  • Acknowledge and consent that in case the visitor undergoes diagnostic PCR testing, they shall await their PCR test results in isolation as instructed by the public health authorities.

  • Acknowledge and consent to follow any and all instructions imposed by the public health authorities of Aruba, this includes, but is not limited to, the instruction to be isolated or quarantined due to exposure to COVID-19


All visitors will be required to comply with arrival, screening and health procedures as mandated by the Aruba Airport Authority and the Government of Aruba.

The mandatory requirements will include:

  • All travellers wear a mask while in-flight to Aruba. 

  • While masks will not be required in Aruba, we strongly encourage visitors to have their mask handy for situations where social distancing proves difficult.

  • All travellers not showing documentation indicating a negative PCR test result prior to travel to Aruba as a part of the ED card process, will receive a mandatory PCR test at the Airport when arriving in Aruba, at the visitor’s expense, followed by a mandatory 24-hour quarantine at the travellers’ accommodations while test results are assessed.

  • All travellers showing documentation indicating a negative COVID-19 test result as part of the ED card process, will receive a temperature check and health interview by a medical professional.

  • If the temperature check and health assessment are clear, no further testing or subsequent 24-hour quarantine is needed.

All visitors will be required to comply with the Government of Aruba procedures and protocols if showing symptoms and/or testing positive for COVID-19 while in Aruba.

For more information click this link for the latest travel updates and health requirements.

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